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26.8.2021 in News

Meriaura Group joins the Baltic Sea Challenge network

Today, the 26th of August is The Baltic Sea Day. Meriaura Group celebrates it by joining the Baltic Sea Challenge Network by making a Baltic Sea Commitment. The Baltic Sea Commitment…
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16.8.2021 in News

M/V Adele leaves the fleet

Our long-term time charter vessel M/V Adele has been sold to new owners, and will therefore leave the Meriaura fleet. We thank the ship’s crew and management company for the…
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24.6.2021 in News

M/V Aura involved in the building of the world’s longest suspension bridge in Turkey

M/V Aura will be spending the summer in the Çanakkale 1915 Bridge project in the Dardanelles (Çanakkale Strait), Turkey. The Çanakkale bridge is the world’s longest suspension bridge being built at…
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23.6.2021 in News

Strengthening the chartering team

We are pleased to announce that Meriaura's commercial team is stregthened by Jari Lehto who started as a Chartering Manager on 21.6.2021. Jari has extensive, more than 20 years of commercial experience in…
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21.6.2021 in News

Environmental management system and certificate

We have started the development of an environmental management system with the aid of EcoCompass-programme. Although we have worked with environmental projects for a long time, with a certified environmental system…
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17.6.2021 in News

Meriaura Group’s port terminal in Naantali starts operating

The construction of the cargo handling and storage area of VG Port Oy (member of Meriaura Group) in Luonnonmaa, Naantali is nearing completion. The new storage field has been paved…
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15.6.2021 in News

Meriaura Group acquired the port of Skogby in Raseborg

Meriaura Group, together with Premarin Oy, has acquired the former Skogby sawmill on Hanko peninsula and the related port area. The area has been purchased on behalf of the established…
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28.5.2021 in News

Sustainability Report 2020

The first sustainability report of Meriaura Group is published. Corporate responsibility and developing shipping to a more environmentally friendly direction have always been important in our company. But from now…
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20.4.2021 in News

Meriaura Group’s Board of Directors strengthened

VG-Shipping’s Annual General Meeting on 8th of April, has chosen a new board of Directors. The former members Jussi Mälkiä, Riinu Walls and Antti Vehviläinen were re-elected, and Ari Kaaro…
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31.3.2021 in News

Meriaura Group is preparing a 100% carbon neutral transport concept

Meriaura Group has started the preparation and design of a transport concept that targets to  100% carbon neutrality. The concept is based on hybrid propulsion that combines sustainably produced bio-oil…
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31.3.2021 in News

Meriaura Group brand renewal

Meriaura and VG-Shipping unite under the same brand. From April 2021 onwards, we will use the brand names Meriaura and Meriaura Group in marketing and communications, although legally VG-Shipping and…
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25.3.2021 in News

Sea personnel job satisfaction survey

At the end of 2020 we conducted our first sea personnel job satisfaction survey.  62 crew members answered the survey. We have studied the results very carefully and read every…
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26.2.2021 in News

Meriaura Group invests in modern coaster tonnage

Meriaura Group has acquired a 3,000 DWT dry cargo vessel. The 86-meter-long, 1A ice classed vessel will fly the Cyprus flag, and be under the management of a German partner. The…
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3.2.2021 in News

Looking for Captains

We are continuously looking  for Captains for Meriaura Group operated dry cargo vessels. Certificate of Competence: Chief Mate STCW II/2 or Master STCW II/2. Finnish PEC license or possibility to…
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21.12.2020 in News

Meriaura Group continues the management of R/V ’Aranda

VG-Shipping Oy and the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) have renewed the agreement for the management of marine research vessel ’Aranda’. VG-Shipping won the public tender in autumn 2020 for both…
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18.12.2020 in News

Towards more innovation and higher quality service through participatory development

Ever since the establishment of Meriaura the company has continuously strived for being an innovative, problem-solving and environmentally friendly forerunner in its field. The family business background together with a…
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16.12.2020 in News

Meriaura Group’s Christmas donation for the John Nurminen Foundation

Meriaura Group has donated its annual Christmas charity donation to the John Nurminen Foundation for protection of the Baltic Sea. The state of the Baltic Sea is critical and concrete…
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12.10.2020 in News

In memoriam Pekka Kauppila 1947-2020

Our long-term partner and friend Pekka Kauppila is no longer with us. He passed away of a sudden illness in Turku on 20th of September 2020, at the age of…
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26.8.2020 in News

Pilots are training on Meriaura’s EcoCoaster vessel

Finnpilot Pilotage has time-chartered Meriaura Group's M/S Eeva VG for fairway training. Pilots train on less frequently used fairway sections from which they do not gain sufficient experience in pilotage…
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19.8.2020 in News

The gypsum project: application to the fields is starting

The gypsum project proceeds according to plan and Meriaura has shipped most part of the first application period’s gypsum from Saimaa to the ports of Southwest Finland to await application…
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17.6.2020 in News

VG-Shipping’s Board of Directors strengthened

Vg-Shipping’s Annual General Meeting on 16th of June has chosen a new board of Directors. The former members Satu Kairinen, Riinu Walls and Jussi Mälkiä were re-elected, and Antti Vehviläinen…
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12.6.2020 in News

The time charter agreement of M/V Enough Talk has ended

The time charter agreement between Meriaura and Rauma Cata for the deck cargo carrier M/S Enough Talk has ended. This will not affect our customers, as from now on we…
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8.6.2020 in News

Meriaura Group sells the private port of Eurajoki

Ownership of EcoPorts Finland Oy changes, operations will remain unchanged Aura Mare Ltd, part of Meriaura Group, and Lauri Rautiainen have sold the port logistics company EcoPorts Finland Ltd. to…
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4.6.2020 in News, Uncategorized

Cooperation for climate friendly energy

The transition to a carbon-neutral society requires cooperation between companies. We made a video, where Maija Henell from Turun Seudun Energiantuotanto, Jussi Mälkiä from Meriaura Group and Heini Santos from…
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15.5.2020 in News

M/V Lottaland and Aurelie have new Owners and names

Two vessels in the Meriaura fleet have changed owners and names. VG-Shipping has sold Lotta VG to a long-term Partner. The ship’s new name is ‘Lottaland’ and is under the management…
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6.5.2020 in News

Meriaura transports and applies gypsum in a major water protection project

Meriaura has been selected as the service provider for transport, distribution and application of gypsum for an environmental project, where gypsum is applied to fields in order to reduce the…
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28.3.2020 in News, Uncategorized

Meriaura joins Shipbrokers Finland

Meriaura has joined the Shipbrokers Finland association. Shipbrokers Finland represents companies operating in ship clearing, chartering and liner shipping in Finland, as well as Finnish subsidiaries of international container shipping…
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13.3.2020 in News, Uncategorized

Coronavirus preparedness at Meriaura Group

Coronavirus has not affected our normal traffic, and we strive to keep all operations normal and serve our customers as usually. However, we have intensified hygiene, and canceled all non-urgent…
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31.1.2020 in News

New cubic tonnage in the fleet

M/V Friendland (DWCC 4450 t) has joined the Meriaura fleet. Friendland has favourable dead weight/volume ratio (7200 m3) and is therefore a welcome addition to the fleet, because the need…
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17.12.2019 in News

The whole organisation for environmental responsibility – staff’s initiative for the use of biofuels in cars

At Meriaura Group we have tried to encourage our staff to come up with new ideas how to increase our environmental responsibility. Developing the practices at the office is a…
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7.10.2019 in News

Ship recycling project in Naantali has ended

The Ship Recycling project at the Turku Repair Yard in Naantali has been completed. In the three-year project, funded by Tekes, six vessels were dismantled and recycled on an experimental…
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3.9.2019 in News

Meriaura brings out climate neutral contracts powered by biofuel

Meriaura and Stockholm Exergi sign a contract of nearly CO2 neutral sea transport   Meriaura and and Stockholm Exergi have signed a contract for the sea transport of woodchips and woodpellets…
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6.6.2019 in News

Meriaura becomes a member of Alliance of Finnish Raw Material Recycling

Meriaura has joined Suomen Uusioraaka-aineliitto (Alliance of Finnish Raw Material Recycling). The Board of the alliance approved Meriaura’s application for membership on 31.5.2019. The recycled raw material alliance promotes the procurement,…
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7.5.2019 in News

Whale research boat transported by Meriaura

Meriaura's EcoCoaster vessel Mirva VG transports whale researcher Richard Sear's Targa-boat from Finland to Belgium.  It was loaded on Mirva VG's deck in Loviisa on the 7th of May. From…
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27.3.2019 in News

Meriaura terminated the time charter party of M/S  Enough Talk 

Meriaura has terminated the agreement made with Rauma Cata Ltd. regarding time chartering of the vessel 'Enough Talk'. The time charter party was terminated because of delayed delivery and incomplete technical readiness of the ship. The…
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25.2.2019 in News

Two new t/c-vessels have joined the fleet

Two new t/c-vessels have recently joined our fleet: 4600 tonners M/S Johanne and M/S Paul are traditional dry bulk vessels with cargo capacity of 5750cbm (abt. 200.000cbft). Both vessels are…
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28.1.2019 in News

Meriaura fleet expands with a deck cargo vessel and two multipurpose vessels

Meriaura has signed five new time charter agreements. A deck cargo carrier, two multipurpose-heavy lift dry cargo vessels and two traditional dry bulk carriers are joining Meriaura fleet. M/S Enough…
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20.12.2018 in News

Change of Management at Meriaura Group

The Board of Directors of Meriaura Group has appointed Master Mariner Ville Koskinen, 39, Managing Director of VG-Shipping Ltd. Ville Koskinen has been working at VG-Shipping since 2003, most recently…
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17.12.2018 in News

Meriaura is a gold sponsor for Team Rynkeby – God Morgon Turku in 2019

Meriaura Group has donated the yearly 'Christmas charity funds’ again to Team Rynkeby – God Morgon Turku team for helping children with cancer. This year we have a special reason…
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16.12.2018 in News

Research cooperation: How to reduce waste generated onboard the ships

In 2018, Meriaura focused on reducing the amount of waste generated onboard the ships. The international MARPOL convention is very clear on what waste must be delivered ashore at ports,…
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14.12.2018 in News

Testing a new coating for reducing consumption

AAVA VG, the recent acquisition by VG Shipping Lrd, went into drydock in Tallinn in October-November. During the drydocking, her propeller got a new coating: a new and innovative nonstick-product,…
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3.12.2018 in News

Meriaura agency expands to Hamina

Meriaura opened an office in Hamina earlier this summer. Two of our employees, Maria Byskata and Aleksei Kumpulainen, serve as agents for Russian deck cargo ships carrying large and heavy modules from Hamina to…
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15.10.2018 in News

Meriaura Group acquires two 4100 dwt cargo ships

VG-Shipping Ltd. (part of Meriaura Group) is growing its fleet by acquiring two 4100 DWT dry cargo vessels. The 1997 and 1998 built vessels are sisters of M/S Martta VG,…
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13.9.2018 in News

Meriaura expands into a new vessel segment

Meriaura Ltd. has signed a long-term contract with Aalto Shipping Company Ltd of time chartering dry cargo vessel ’Airisto’. M/V Airisto’s capacity is 8700 tonnes and 12700 cubic meters. She…
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20.6.2018 in News

Meriaura reports carbon footprint

Meriaura starts reporting CO2 emissions of each voyage performed. The reports are issued with Fleetrange, an IoT based optimizing tool for operational awareness, that has been in use at Meriaura…
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15.6.2018 in News

Quality management at Meriaura Group

Meriaura Group’s quality management system was audited in June to comply with the new ISO 9001:2015 standard. This standard is based on a number of quality management principles including a…
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8.5.2018 in News

Meriaura participates in NaviGate-event at Turku

Come meet us at NaviGate 2018 - event that is held in Turku on 16-17 May 2018. NaviGate is an international fair for professionals, organised at the Turku Fair and…
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20.2.2018 in News

Meriaura participates in a major green act in Inkoo

In 2016, Fortum decided to demolish the out-dated coal-fired power plant in Inkoo, and the first phase of the plan was put into action in 2017. The entire power plant…
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7.1.2018 in News

Multipurpose vessel Aura’s 10th anniversary

Meriaura’s deck cargo carrier Aura’s 10th anniversary was celebrated in January. Aura was built at Remontowa Shipyard in Gdansk, Poland and was delivered to Meriaura on January 7 in 2008.…
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15.12.2017 in News

VG-Shipping and Gaiamare merger 1.1.2018

The ship owning companies in Meriaura Group, VG-Shipping Oy and Oy Gaiamare Ab, are merging on January 1st 2018. The merger decision is based on improving efficiency, simplifying corporate structure…
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15.12.2017 in News

First experiences with VG EcoCoasters in traffic

Experiences with our EcoCoasters m/v ‘Eeva VG’ and ‘Mirva VG’ have been very positive. The older sister, Eeva VG, has now been sailing for about 2,5 months, and the fuel…
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10.6.2017 in News

Meriaura increasing efficiency by digitalizing operations

Meriaura has introduced an innovative and modern real-time situational solution, Fleetrange. Fleetrange enables real-time tracking of our fleet, chartering and daily operations. Combining the digitalized process with other management tools,…
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16.12.2016 in News

Meriaura participates in building a sustainable ocean liner demolition industry in Finland

  Meriaura is participating in a new ‘Ship Recycling’ project for starting ocean liner demolition industry in Finland. The project has been launched by Tekes in cooperation with a consortium…
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