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As part of our Zero Waste Program we monitor how sewage is discharged on the Meriaura owned fleet. Since September 2021 each vessel reports the amounts discharged to port facilities, and if sewage is exceptionally discharged to sea, there needs to be an explanation. Such exceptions may be, for example, insufficient or overpriced reception facilities in the port, or a long sea passage that causes the onboard tank capacity to fill. Whenever possible, the sewage is discharged in Finnish ports, where the cost is already included in port fees, and we can rely on proper reception facilities and waste treatment.

On average, ships discharge sewage a couple of times a month, about ten cubic meters at a time. Vessels have varying possibilities of reaching the port facilities. Nevertheless, our crew have done their best, and some vessels have reached even zero discharges to sea. We have set a target of 80% for the whole fleet for discharging sewage to port facilities. After a 6-month follow-up this target seems to be successful and realistic. We want to thank our chief engineers for active participation.

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