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Meriaura Ltd has obtained consents from its financiers for the execution of share exchange

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VG-Shipping Ltd, the parent company of Meriaura Ltd, signed  a conditional share exchange agreement  on 29 August 2022 with Savosolar Plc to sell marine logistics company Meriaura Ltd and the business of VG EcoFuel Ltd, producer and marketer of biofuels. Savosolar’s current shareholders will own 30% and VG-Shipping 70% of the new corporate entity.

Execution of the transaction has required written consents to the change in Meriaura’s ownership from Meriaura’s financiers (Nordea, Finnvera, Varma). Meriaura has yesterday obtained the last needed consent from its financiers.

More information

CEO Bengt-Erik Rosin
Phone: +358 50 557 4323

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