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Meriaura Group sells the private port of Eurajoki

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Ownership of EcoPorts Finland Oy changes, operations will remain unchanged

Aura Mare Ltd, part of Meriaura Group, and Lauri Rautiainen have sold the port logistics company EcoPorts Finland Ltd. to Heating Oy Y-kuljetus. The sale includes the 4.7 hectare rental port area in Olkiluoto in Eurajoki, as well as the stevedoring and port operations business.

Heating Oy Y-kuljetus is a family company founded in 1979, specializing in storage and feed handling. Throughout the company’s 41-year history, it has worked closely with ports. The acquisition of EcoPorts Finland’s port strategically supports the business of both companies, and enables a wider range of services for customers. Heating Oy already has 8000 m2 of storage space in Eurajoki on Köykäntie and EcoPorts’ storage facilities will increase the total storage capacity to more than 11,000 m2.

After the change of ownership, port operations will continue as before, and causes no changes to our customers. The company offers all services from transport to storage and stevedoring, as well as ship clearance, forwarding and sea transport in cooperation with Meriaura Ltd. Heating Ltd. and EcoPorts Finland Ltd. have been cooperating for a long time, and close cooperation with Meriaura Group continues also after the sale. Meriaura will handle for example, ship clearance at the Eurajoki port, and is also involved in the sale of port services.

Heating Ltd.’s owners Kaisa Castrén, Mika Castrén and Kosti Salonen will also be responsible for EcoPorts Finland Ltd. Kaisa Castrén, who will be responsible for sales and marketing of warehousing and port services, will start as Managing Director. Mika Castrén serves as Business Director. Kosti Salonen, Managing Director of Heating Ltd, is responsible for the operational activities of EcoPorts Finland.

EcoPorts Naantali is not a part of this sale, and it will remain part of Meriaura Group.