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Finnpilot Pilotage has time-chartered Meriaura Group’s M/S Eeva VG for fairway training. Pilots train on less frequently used fairway sections from which they do not gain sufficient experience in pilotage assignments. The practised routes are the Utö deep waterway and the smaller ports of the Archipelago Sea, for example Mjösund and the coastal waterway Utö-Vitgrund.

In the Archipelago Sea area, pilots are undergoing a generational change, which made it necessary for Finnpilot to obtain qualification for the younger generation for the less frequently piloted fairways. According to Olli Taipale, Chief Pilot of the Archipelago Sea, it is nice to practice on M/S Eeva VG, because the ship has modern and good equipment. Finnpilot is also very pleased to be able to do training on an environmentally friendly VG EcoCoaster vessel.