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Sustainable development

Throughout its history, the Meriaura has sought to develop more sustainable shipping and find alternatives to fossil fuels. We want to be involved in building a sustainable society.

Our fleet

Our fleet consists of modern and versatile dry cargo ships and newly-built multipurpose deck cargo carriers designed for project and special cargo. All our ships are designed to operate safely in the harsh and difficult weather conditions of the Northern maritime region.

Our services

Our vessels operate around Europe, primarily in the Baltic Sea and North Sea areas. Central to the company’s ethic is our commitment to providing personal, customer-oriented service. This approach, combined with cost efficiency, technical quality and respect for the environment, ensures the quality of our services. Read more

Meriaura released sustainability report 2023

Our sustainability report for 2023 has been published. We keep our report…

Meriaura orders two biofuel powered 6750 DWT cargo vessels from Dutch Royal Bodewes shipyard

Meriaura has signed a delivery contract for two Ecotrader cargo ships with…

Meriaura completed EcoVoy sea transport for Subsea7 and saved 93 tons of CO2 emissions

Meriaura has performed a sea transport of offshore template structures for Subsea7…

Meriaura Group Plc’s annual report 2023 has been published

Meriaura Group Plc’s annual report including the annual accounts, the report of…

Shipping with care

Meriaura focuses on shipping and shipping related services. Our adaptable and up-to-date fleet operates mainly in the Baltic and North Sea areas, but can also manoeuvre on a more global scale. Our cargo volume is 3,0 M tons annually, that equals 3 % of total volumes of Finnish foreign trade sea transportation. Our mission is to provide transport service in special and project cargoes, products of bio-, circular economy and agribulk, and offer complete solutions for logistic chains and ship management services.

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Meriaura Customer Story:­ Glass recycling company Uusioaines – zero waste circular economy 

Have you ever wondered what happens to a glass bottle or jar after it has been returned to a recycling…

Towards a greener New Year 

Once again, a year is coming to an end and at this point we usually tend to reflect on how…

Steps towards fossil free shipping 

Numerous climate records have been broken during 2023. We experienced the warmest September by far in the measurement history, both…