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See the documentary film Meriaura 30 years

Jussi Mälkiä and his friends started the company in 1986 first for supporting environmental NGOs. Owning and managing was costly which led to commencing commercial activities in 1993. The business was small and irregular at first, and the fleet consisted of only one tugboat.

The early 1990s saw the collapse of the Soviet Union, which provided Meriaura with new opportunities in marine transportation. In 1996 VG-Shipping was established for the acquisition of first dry cargo ship, m/s Pamela. A few years after business expanded by acquisition of another vessel and chartering cooperation,  and by the end of the decade, Meriaura had firmly established itself in the industry with a fleet of 4 vessels.

In the 2000’s company continued growing rapidly by expanding the number of contract customers, acquiring new vessels and recruiting new staff. In 2010s Meriaura Group made large investments to renewable energy sector and circular economy. Today Meriaura Group employs more than 250 people with and annual turnover of more than €55 million. Jussi Mälkiä is still in charge of the group as the specialist for the ship management and innovations. Yet the company is still small in spirit, emphasizing close co-operation with customers, an informal structure and a hands-on attitude.