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Testing a new coating for reducing consumption

By 14.12.2018December 19th, 2018No Comments

AAVA VG, the recent acquisition by VG Shipping Lrd, went into drydock in Tallinn in October-November. During the drydocking, her propeller got a new coating: a new and innovative nonstick-product, which is based on the mechanical features of the surface. The thin film composite prevents biological organisms from attaching to underwater surfaces, for example propellers and ship’s hull. The innovative nonstick product has been developed by a Finnish cleantech startup company. It is very durable, easy to clean and harmless to marine environment. The composite is based on the mechanical characteristics of the surface whereby no chemicals are used. Compared to commonly used antifouling paints, the new innovation is very friendly to the environment.

The coating of the propeller is meant to reduce resistance of flow, and decrease fuel consumption and emissions. In test conditions with smaller vessels, the fuel consumption decreased by 10-15 percent. AAVA VG is the first vessel where the nonstick product is tested. The results are compared to her fuel consumption before and after drydocking, and to her sister vessel LOTTA VG where the propeller has not been coated.

“Meriaura Group is open to innovations. Now we’ve got a great opportunity to cooperate with a Finnish cleantech company which aims to provide solutions for a cleaner maritime environment, An environmentally friendly product which improves the fuel efficiency and reduces emissions – what could be a greater goal!  As soon as we receive data reconfirming the efficiency of the product, we aim to use it for propellers and hulls in rest of our fleet”, says Elisa Mikkolainen.