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At the turn of the year, Meriaura Group underwent an internal restructuring, where the ship management and crewing business, as well as the vessels of VG-Shipping, and the financial and HR administration business of Aura Mare were concentrated to Meriaura Ltd. With the reorganization, VG-Shipping’s current Board of Directors has been elected as the new Board of Directors of Meriaura Ltd. The Chairman of the Board is Jussi Mälkiä and other members are Riinu Walls, Ari Kaaro and Antti Vehviläinen. Lauri Rautiainen and Vidar Tollander will continue as deputy members. CEO Beppe Rosin is the rapporteur, and Administrative Director Jutta Seppänen is the secretary of the Board.


The Management Team of Meriaura consists of:

Beppe Rosin, CEO
Mathias Landor, COO
Thomas Friis, Fleet Director
Jutta Seppänen, Administrative Director
Miia Peltonen, CFO
Elina Mälkiä, Communications Manager
and Jussi Mälkiä, Chairman