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Our sustainability report for 2023 has been published. We keep our report concise, as we want to focus on the essential and highlight the additional measures we take beyond what the legislation requires.

In 2023, we increased the share of bio-oil in the fuels used. This was achieved by the development project, which improved the quality, quality control and production volumes of the bio-oil we produce ourselves to a level that allows the wider use of bio-oil in our fleet.

We also improved our monitoring systems to be more consistent in preparation for more rigorous regulation. Previously, we only reported the impacts with the most environmental significance i.e. the emissions from our ships. Now for the year 2023, we also report the emissions of the company’s land-based vehicles that fall under Scope 1, and also Scope 2 emissions.

“I’m grateful for the efforts of the sustainability team and all the colleagues at Meriaura who contributed to the report. It’s encouraging to witness how sustainability issues are not just a concern for a few people anymore, but a shared topic across our entire organization every day,” says Meriaura’s Sustainability Manager Esko Pettay.

Read Meriaura Sustainability report 2023

Meriaura Sustainability report 2023 in PDF format