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Whale research boat transported by Meriaura

By 7.5.2019No Comments

Meriaura’s EcoCoaster vessel Mirva VG transports whale researcher Richard Sear’s Targa-boat from Finland to Belgium.  It was loaded on Mirva VG’s deck in Loviisa on the 7th of May. From Belgium the boat will be shipped to Mingan Island Cetacean Study-center in Canada, where it will be an important tool for marine mammal research.

The transport of the boat is related to a blue whale reproduction study which Meriaura-sponsored Atmosmare-foundation is planning together with Richard Sears. More news and information on the expedition to follow later.

Mirva VG is using 100% waste based bio oil on this shipment.

Meriaura thanks Hankkija, whose cargo Mirva VG is carrying in her hold, for the good cooperation in this shipment.