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Meriaura Group’s vision is to be a leading forerunner in environmentally friendly, innovative and solution-oriented shipping and sea transport services. We are committed to promoting environmental values ​​in our daily work and to continually seeking cost-effective solutions to environmental challenges.

Our ships operate in sensitive sea areas which makes understanding and managing risks important. The most significant environmental effects of maritime transport are exhaust emissions caused by fuel combustion, and wastewater. In the event of an accident, a possible oil spill can cause considerable environmental damage. We meet these challenges through the development and use of waste-based biofuels, proper wastewater treatment and skilled personnel. Continuous efforts are being made to improve recycling, and to direct ship-generated waste to further treatment. We train and encourage our employees to include environmental responsibility in their daily operations.

We regularly assess the environmental impact of our operations. When calculating emissions in shipping operations, we consider a vessel’s entire life cycle. Our transport concept for the future aims for a completely carbon-neutral transport chain. The goal is to gain a new kind of competitive advantage from a more environmentally friendly approach.