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Our safety and quality management system (SQMS) meets all the international and national standards and requirements. The SQMS ensures that the shore-based and maritime organizations operate according to Meriaura’s policies. Safety and clean environment are our priorities. We work hard to ensure that neither is compromised.

The Company’s policy is to maintain and continuously improve the SQMS in order to ensure that:

  • All company operations are carried out in a professional, efficient and safe manner in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations.
  • Vessels are operated safely and maintained in clean and good condition.
  • All services subcontracted are acquired with definition of efficiency, reliability, safety and environment.
  • Systems are established to recognize and identify risks to safe working practice and continuously improve safety-management skills of personnel ashore and onboard, including preparations for hazards and emergency situations in relation to Safety and Environmental protection.
  • Continuous improvement is carried out by developing our systems, skills and understanding of the business together with clients, partners and authorities.
  • Alcohol & drug abuse on board and ashore is avoided by using preventative measures.
  • Safety and quality level and competitiveness is monitored by benchmarking, claim statistics, economical control and internal audits.