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Meriaura EcoVoy - carbon neutral sea transport

Transport with climate friendly biofuel and up to 97,7% lower emissions

As the first sea carrier, Meriaura has introduced almost carbon neutral transport contracts. Meriaura EcoVoy-concept is based on our low-consumption, biofuel-powered EcoCoaster vessels. When using our waste-based biofuel, transports’ lifecycle emissions are 97,7% lower than with fossil fuels. The biofuel we use, VG Marine EcoFuel, is produced by VG EcoFuel Ltd. that is part of Meriaura Group. The commodities of VG Marine EcoFuel are completely derived from industrial side streams and recycled materials, sourced in the Nordic Region. We exploit side streams of foodstuff industry, along with already once utilized vegetable oils. The production is ISCC certified. Biofuel is the most climate friendly option for sea transport that there is available today.

For the early bird we offer these type on contracts at a very reasonable freight premium, which corresponds to the additional fuel cost only. Meriaura engages to source, produce and use EcoFuel at least the amount that equals to the total consumption of the voyages executed under the contract. We provide calculations on CO2 reductions achieved by choosing this contract type. This data can be used further in the value-chain and in the end help our customers to create added value for their business.

Contact Beppe Rosin (+358 50 557 4323) for more information!