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"The leading forerunner in environmentally friendly, innovative and solution-oriented shipping and sea transport services."

Meriaura is a member Savosolar Plc Group

Meriaura became a member of Savosolar Plc Group 30th November 2022.

Savosolar Plc is a leading provider of large-scale solar thermal systems, and has been listed in Nasdaq First North Growth Market in Helsinki and Stockholm since 2015. Savosolar’s international team has extensive know-how and experience in solar thermal energy, district heating and industrial process heating. Savosolar’s headquarters and factory are in Finland, and it has subsidiaries in Denmark and Germany. The company’s main market area is Continental Europe. Read more about Savosolar

Meriaura Ltd specializes in sea transportation of industrial products and raw materials as well as demanding special cargo transportation. The transport performance of dry cargo vessels chartered by Meriaura is almost three million tons per year. The ships operate in contract and spot market cargo traffic in Europe, mainly in the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. Our vision is to be the leading forerunner in environmentally friendly, innovative and solution-oriented shipping and sea transport services.

VG-EcoFuel Ltd produces biofuels from bio- and recycled oils generated as industrial by-products. VG-EcoFuel’s raw materials are 100 % recycled and waste-based, and therefore the biofuel processed from them has up to 96 % lower greenhouse gas emission impact compared to fossil oils and fuels. VG-EcoFuel is a 100 percent subsidiary of Meriaura. Read more about VG-EcoFuel 

Other companies closely connected to Meriaura are Aura Mare Ltd, an investment company specializing in bio and circular economy, and its subsidiaries Biolinja Ltd Uusikaupunki, a biogas plant in Uusikaupunki, and VG-Port Ltd providing port services in Naantali. Jussi Mälkiä is the principal owner of Aura Mare Ltd.

VG-Shipping Ltd is the majority owner of Savosolar Plc

VG-Shipping Ltd is the main owner of Savosolar Plc, with a 72 percent share. VG-Shipping is owned as follows

Jussi Mälkiä approx. 51 %
Aura Mare Ltd approx. 34 %, owned by Jussi Mälkiä with 90 %
Riinu Walls approx. 10 %
Other individual owners approx. 5 %

VG Shipping is a so-called tonnage provider, in other words it owns or co-owns and charters vessels, mainly for Meriaura’s needs. Besides this VG-Shipping doesn’t have other business activities.