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Today, the 26th of August is The Baltic Sea Day. Meriaura Group celebrates it by joining the Baltic Sea Challenge Network by making a Baltic Sea Commitment. The Baltic Sea Commitment 2019-2023 contains 5 objectives on which we have composed Meriaura Group’s Baltic Sea Action Program:

  1. Clear coastal waters
    With our Zero waste program, we enhance our ships’ wastewater policy. We develop comprehensive guidelines and a monitoring system aimed at minimizing the amount of wastewater and food waste that ends up at sea.
  1. Healthy marine ecosystems
    We strive to reduce the amount of all ship-generated waste at source, to streamline processes on board ships, to increase the reuse of materials and to improve recycling.
  1. Clean and safe water traffic
    We will increase the use of biofuels made from recycled raw materials on our ships. We are developing our fleet towards carbon-neutral water transport. By curbing climate change, we can also influence on the state of the Baltic Sea.
  1. Systematic water area management
    We will contribute together with other actors to the development and diversification of waste reception systems in ports.
  1. Active Baltic Sea citizenship
    We actively communicate our actions for the environment. We strive to influence the attitudes of our staff, e.g. for more climate- and Baltic Sea-friendly diet and the reduction of food waste.

The Baltic Sea Challenge (BSC) is a network initiative that invites organisations to commit in protecting the Baltic Sea and their local waters, to building their own Baltic Sea Action Plan and to implementing it. There are already 315 member organisations in the BSC Network from the countries around the Baltic Sea.

More information on the Baltic Sea Challenge:

The Baltic Sea Day, launched by the John Nurminen Foundation, is an annual day of celebration in honour of the sea. The objective of the day is to encourage people to enjoy the unique sea that belongs to us all, and to take concrete actions that benefit the sea. In addition to the celebrations, the purpose of the Baltic Sea Day is to provide information on the versatile nature, culture, and history of the Sea.

More information on the Baltic Sea Day: