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Meriaura becomes a member of Alliance of Finnish Raw Material Recycling

By 6.6.2019No Comments

Meriaura has joined Suomen Uusioraaka-aineliitto (Alliance of Finnish Raw Material Recycling). The Board of the alliance approved Meriaura’s application for membership on 31.5.2019. The recycled raw material alliance promotes the procurement, processing and use of recycled materials in an economically and environmentally sustainable manner. The members of the alliance are various companies and associations working in the field that develop mutual interaction and professional vision.

“Joining the alliance is a natural step for us because we are increasingly transporting recycled raw materials such as recycled steel, recycled glass and other recycled materials and by-products. Future’s sustainable society will be based on the circular economy and we want to be strongly involved in this development and to promote dialogue with different actors in this field.” says Jukkis Sutela, Business Development Manager at Meriaura.

Meriaura’s ’Lotta VG’ is loading glass cullet, i.e. crushed recycled glass in Naantali, Finland. Lotta VG brings the cargo to UK where the recycled glass is reused as raw material.