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Meriaura became ISO 14001 certified

Bureau Veritas has granted Meriaura’s environmental management system an ISO 14001 certificate. The international standard supports Meriaura’s business by supplementing the ISO 9001 quality management system, and is also more familiar to Meriaura’s international customers than the previous EcoCompass EMS that continues alongside the ISO 14001-compliant system.

The environmental management system currently includes Meriaura’s chartering and operating functions. The standardized system supports Meriaura’s environmental actions and goals, and helps the entire organization identify their tasks in the environmental work. With the ISO 14001 Meriaura’s operations are even more transparent and we are able to meet customers’ quality requirements even better.

“Being in the frontline of the green transition in shipping is important for Meriaura, which is why we are constantly developing the environmental system. One of our goals is to bring out the company’s environmental targets also to the sea personnel in a more concrete way,” says Meriaura’s Safety and Quality Manager Anssi Lehto, who has been primarily responsible for the construction of the environmental management system according to the ISO 14001 standard.