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Meriaura agency expands to Hamina

By 3.12.2018January 23rd, 2019No Comments

Meriaura opened an office in Hamina earlier this summer. Two of our employees, Maria Byskata and Aleksei Kumpulainen, serve as agents for Russian deck cargo ships carrying large and heavy modules from Hamina to Kazakhstan. The modules are built in Korea, and shipped on ocean going vessels to Hamina. After handling and storage in Hamina, the modules are loaded on deck cargo ships and barges. The modules sail from Asia to Finland, and then from Finland to Kazakhstan, more than 5000 kilometres.

The river barges and deck cargo ships are a part of a massive project. Port of HaminaKotka has invested millions to improve the infrastructure and services in Hamina. Sarens Group N.V., the main logistics coordinator of the project, have brought around 150 specialists to Hamina, and invested around 46 milllion euros to make the shipments possible.

“It is extremely interesting to be involved in this huge project. The sheer size of the modules is impressive”, says Maria Byskata, head of agency at Meriaura. “Due to expertise with Meriaura’s own deck carriers and demanding project cargoes, we understand the needs of these special ships and their crew. As we also run our own fleet, we know the added value a good ship agent can bring for a customer. And the crews onboard appreciate a lot that we both speak fluent Russian.”