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Meriaura and VG-Shipping unite under the same brand. From April 2021 onwards, we will use the brand names Meriaura and Meriaura Group in marketing and communications, although legally VG-Shipping and Meriaura will remain their own companies. With the change, we aim for a more uniform Meriaura Group, which works towards the same common goals, that are providing the best possible service for our customers and prospering in the changing operating environment. We want to develop our tonnage to better meet the challenges posed by climate change, as well as to fulfill the needs of our customers.

The new brand identity reflects Meriaura Group’s vision to be the leading forerunner in environmentally friendly, innovative and solution-oriented maritime transport and ship management services. We operate as one organization, which is why we have made some changes in the organizational structure and in individual job descriptions. With the changes, we want to strengthen the customer perspective as well as Meriaura Group’s commercial operating conditions and competitiveness.

The brand renewal covers a unified logo and visual look. Both companies will be under the same website, and our e-mail addresses will also be of format for the whole organization . Our social media profiles are also unified to Meriaura Group.