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Towards more innovation and higher quality service through participatory development

By 18.12.2020December 21st, 2020No Comments

Ever since the establishment of Meriaura the company has continuously strived for being an innovative, problem-solving and environmentally friendly forerunner in its field. The family business background together with a deep understanding of our customers’ needs and a working environment where employees help and support one another as well as receive support from the company in their professional growth are important values for us as a company. As the corporation grows and the operations get more complicated, we run the risk of losing sight of the people and everyday work behind the processes. This fall, in order to safeguard the existing good while continuously striving for improvement, we have decided to launch a project for organizational development:

“Competitiveness through participatory organizational development – making use of personnel know-how by leading the operational culture.”

We have partnered up with Juju Works Oy for the project which also received additional funding from The Finnish Work Environment Fund with the intention that the gained knowledge and experience from participatory organizational development can also be used to advance the Finnish working life at large.

Active participation of our employees from the very beginning is at the core of the project. The idea is to give the employees an opportunity to improve their own and their team’s working conditions, methods, and processes. The project includes joint workshops for mapping out the strengths and challenges our personnel faces and for finding new ways to overcome obstacles that may hinder development. To further build the culture of continuous improvement, the project will be complemented by Lean workshops as well as coaching for top management. By utilizing the Lean philosophy, we will ensure that all our processes serve and create value to our customers the best possible way.

In order to strengthen the psychological safety of our teams and thus support us in reaching our potential as a company, we are using workshops and coaching to further increase the competence of our managers, as well as the co-operative skills of our teams. To make sure the project is fully integrated into the everyday life of the company, we are also organizing campaigns and weekly challenges around the discussed themes. In the spring 2021 the project will expand to include our crew members. Talented, creative, happy and committed employees are our most important and valued resource, and this development project is one of the ways Meriaura seeks to invest in the well-being and expertise of staff.