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At the end of 2020 we conducted our first sea personnel job satisfaction survey.  62 crew members answered the survey. We have studied the results very carefully and read every single comment and feedback.

We were very pleased to see, that most of our sea personnel is satisfied with the working conditions and Meriaura Group as an employer.  Here is a short recap of the results.

More than 90% found the work atmosphere onboard good. The living conditions (cabins, mess room etc.) and working conditions (workspace, tools/ equipment onboard, working clothes, food, crew rotation, work shifts etc.) both got an average of 3,7 stars (Maximum was 5). Freetime activities got 3,4 stars. Management and leadership onboard got 3,7 stars.  The cooperation with Meriaura Group office and different departments got averages between 3,6 and 3,9.

There were a couple of extra questions to the Masters. Communication between the vessel and office was considered good (4,1 stars), as well as overall management and leadership in our company (3,8 stars). Masters also felt that they get good support for their work, and 71% felt that they were able to participate on the planning work together with the company and head of departments. In the future, our intention is to involve Masters even more in decision-making and planning. Masters play a crucial part in daily operations.

According to the survey some areas need improvement, and we try our best to solve those issues. Many of our crewmembers wished that our office staff and management would visit the vessels more often, and this is something that we take on the list as soon as the Covid19 pandemic calms down and gives the possibility to meet our staff safely onboard. Also the lack of wi-fi for crew at sea was seen as a deficiency, and we are addressing to this matter for finding a solution to make connections better for our crew members onboard by summer 2021.

As an employer Meriaura Group got an average grade of 4,2 stars out of 5. This makes us happy and humble. We want to thank all our crewmembers who participated the survey!