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Transport of gypsum changed from sea to land because of the war in Ukraine

By 15.9.2022October 12th, 2022No Comments

The third season of KIPSI-project, a water protection project where gypsum is applied to the fields for preventing eutrophication of the Baltic Sea, organized by Meriaura, is coming to its end. The war in Ukraine has prevented the use of the Saimaa Canal, which is partly located in Russian territory, shifted all gypsum transport from Siilinjärvi from ships to trucks.

The number of applications for gypsum treatment has decreased by approximately two thousand hectares annually. Applications have been granted for approximately 25.5 thousand hectares during the three years, and approximately 22 thousand hectares of them will be treated by the end of the third season.

The Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, which manages the gypsum project, expanded the gypsum application area to Western Uusimaa, where approximately 800 hectares of fields were treated during the first year. The Ministry of the Environment extended the Water Protection Enhancement Program by expanding the gypsum project to all coastal areas of Finland. The new expansion area’s coordination and gypsum application are operated by Movere.