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The gypsum project proceeds according to plan and Meriaura has shipped most part of the first application period’s gypsum from Saimaa to the ports of Southwest Finland to await application to the fields. Approximately 42,000 tonnes of gypsum will be trasnported to the ports of Naantali and Skogby in Raseborg during 2020. Also some transportations by road have been made from Siilinjärvi directly to the farms. Transportations from ports to nearby fields is gradually starting, and will accelerate as threshing proceeds. “Now threshing of peas, grass, autumn rape and rye is done, next comes the autumn wheat”, says Jyrki Heino, project coordinator  of the gypsum project in Meriaura.

The application of gypsum to the fields aims to protect the Archipelago Sea  by reducing the runoff of solids and phosphorus into the Baltic Sea. The project is part of the Water Protection Improvement Program of the Ministry of the Environment in Finland.

For more information:

Jyrki Heino, project coordinator, Meriaura Oy tel. +358 40 592 0771

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Gypsum is loaded on a truck in Meriaura Group’s port in Naantali and transported to the nearby fields.