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M/S Meri had an accident in Kiel Canal

By 30.11.2022No Comments

Meriaura’s deck cargo carrier M/S Meri has had an accident in the Kiel Canal early Wednesday morning. The crane that the vessel was carrying hit the bridge in Holtenau, located at the western end of the canal, for reasons that are as of yet unknown. The cargo and the ship were damaged, in what extent is currently being investigated. As a result of the collision, the bridge crossing the canal may also have been damaged, and as a precaution, the authorities have closed the bridge to traffic while investigations are carried out. There were no personal injuries and the ship is now safely moored to the pier where inspections are carried out.

The height of the cargo had been checked by the canal authorities, and the ship had been given permission to proceed into the canal. At the time of the incident, the ship also had a pilot on board as per requirements by the canal authorities. The authorities are investigating the cause of the accident, and will give instructions regarding further actions. Based on the current information, there is no evidence indicating that the accident would have been caused by the actions of the crew or the technical condition of the ship.


For further information please contact

Managing Director Beppe Rosin