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Meriaura participates in a major green act in Inkoo

By 20.2.2018December 13th, 2018No Comments

In 2016, Fortum decided to demolish the out-dated coal-fired power plant in Inkoo, and the first phase of the plan was put into action in 2017.

The entire power plant should be gone by the end of 2019. Fortum’s Recycling and Waste Solutions unit is in charge for the demolition project.

The demolition is estimated to generate 230000 mts of various materials, which the company aims to recycle as much as possible. Fortum has sold spare parts to other operators and recycled parts to their other power plants. Part of the scrap metal will end up in Turkey for use as raw material for the steel industry.

In February 2018, the first shipment of scrap metal took place in Inkoo when Meriaura’s vessel Adele loaded a full cargo to Paldiski for further shipment to Turkey, for account of Cronimet Nordic.  “We are thrilled to be a part of this”, tells Jukkis Sutela, Business Development Manager at Meriaura.  “It feels great to assist our partners Fortum and Cronimet to recycle valuable metals, conserve natural resources and decrease carbon footprint.  Moreover, we at Meriaura consider it a green act to ship a coal-based power unit out of Finland. Coal is old-fashioned, dirty and environmentally unsustainable – we are glad to get rid of it. We are already strongly involved in shipments of various alternative fuels like recycled woodchips, supported by our EcoCoaster-concept.”

In photo, the persons from left to right:

Tanel Rambi (Fortum), Marko Vuorela (Fortum), Kristoffer Retva (Cronimet), Tero Holländer (Fortum), Jukkis Sutela (Meriaura).

(photo by Riku Isohella/Fortum)