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Meriaura reports carbon footprint

By 20.6.2018December 13th, 2018No Comments

Meriaura starts reporting CO2 emissions of each voyage performed. The reports are issued with Fleetrange, an IoT based optimizing tool for operational awareness, that has been in use at Meriaura since 2017. Meriaura has been the piloting partner in developing the optimizing tool together with Fleetrange.

Meriaura aims at digitalizing the operations through optimization of shipments and minimizing ballast legs. Fleetrange updates the situational picture (ships’ positions, speed, and ETAs) as well as weather and ice conditions in real time.  “The vessels’ programmes change frequently, and Fleetrange helps us to evaluate the impact of the changes to the schedules and profitability. We are able to react to changes quicker than before”, says Elisa Mikkolainen, Managing Director of Meriaura Group.

The environmental aspect is a key feature in Fleetrange. When planning the schedules of the fleet, minimizing fuel consumption is essential. Fleetrange tracks the fuel consumption and CO2 emission both by voyage as well as by transported unit. The carbon footprint is compared to other modes of transportation. “We are very interested to see how much lower the emission levels are with our new EcoCoasters which consume about half of the fuel compared to traditional vessels of the same size.”  Meriaura can now create a report in Fleetrange showing accurately how much fuel was consumed, and what kind of emission levels generated in a specific shipment.

The development will not stop here: in the nearest future Meriaura hopes to expand the reporting.  All greenhouse gases should be taken into account, not only CO2. This applies for example to LNG, a major source of methane emissions contributing to global warming. “Environment is of great concern to both Meriaura and our customers. Therefore, we want to develop our environmental reporting. Eco-efficiency and customer satisfaction go hand in hand”, Mikkolainen says.