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VG-Port Oy, member of Meriaura Group, has sold their port area in Luonnonmaa to the Port of Naantali. The deal covers a 2.7-hectare storage area and two new piers, as well as a water area of ​​about two hectares. The area is located north of the Port of Naantali’s storage areas in Luonnonmaa, in the immediate vicinity of the developing Navire industrial area.

The deal is associated with the development of bulk operations in the Port of Naantali. “We’ve already made plans for the further development of the Luonnonmaa area, and with this deal we will be able to start the general planning of the area next fall. Our port area has been somewhat limited, so this helps us serve the needs of bulk operators more effectively,” says Pasi Haarala, CEO of the Port of Naantali.

VG-Port Oy’s stevedoring and storage business will continue as before. In connection with the transaction, a long-term lease agreement was signed for the storage area used by VG-Port Oy. The western parts of the area will still be owned by VG-Port and used by Meriaura Group’s various operations.

“The importance of the port of Naantali for Meriaura has grown in recent years. Naantali is currently the most visited port for our ships. We are very interested in the development prospects in Luonnonmaa”, says Meriaura Group’s Director Jussi Mälkiä.

For more information please contact;

Jussi Mälkiä, Chairman, Meriaura Group,    +358 (0)400 785 489

Pasi Haarala, CEO, Naantalin Satama Oy   +358 (0)44 023 4644