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Meriaura Group, together with Premarin Oy, has acquired the former Skogby sawmill on Hanko peninsula and the related port area. The area has been purchased on behalf of the established company Skogby Strand Ab. Like last year, Meriaura will use the port as a base for the gypsum project for the southern application area, but at the same time the port’s operations will be developed, especially for the use of bio and circular economy.
The purchased area covers more than 30 hectares. At the southwest end, Premarin Oy provides boat storage and maintenance services. The old sawmill-era residential buildings are to be restored to the traditions and taken back to residential and leisure use. “The area and its location are of great interest for Meriaura Group. Both port and property development are familiar activities for our group,” says Jussi Mälkiä, President of Meriaura Group.