We specialise in demanding project cargo and transporting industrial bulk and raw materials. We operate in Northern Europe.

Dry bulk

Meriaura is a major transporter of industrial dry bulk and general cargo in Northern Europe and especially in Baltic and North Sea areas. We manage large volume contracts as well as single shipments. The dry cargo vessels we presently operate carry about 3 million tonnes annually. We will take care of your goods safely and efficiently.

Main commodities carried include:

  • agribulk (grain, fertlizers,feedstuff)
  • biofuels
  • recyclables
  • minerals
  • forest industry products and wood supply
  • project cargo and break bulk

We have long-term partnerships that are based on knowing our customer’s business and on good individual service. We supplement contract traffic with cargos from spot market in order to achieve optimal routes and transport efficiency. On each voyage we provide our customers with a carbon footprint report that they can further use for their own purposes. Using digital solutions, our operators monitor the progress of ships’ each voyage at sea, and operations in port, in real time. Optimal transport efficiency is economical but also environmentally friendly.

"We strive for long-term partnerships based on knowing our customers’ business and their needs, as well as good, individual service." Riinu Walls, Sales Director

"Our original designs, the open deck carriers Meri and Aura, have been copied around the world, but technically they are still unbeatable compared to other open deck carriers." Jessica Saari, Sales Director, projects

Project Logistics & Offshore operations

Transporting of demanding project cargoes is part of our core business. Tailored solutions are served as a different kind of combinations such as pre-carriage, sea transport by vessel or barge, port handling in loading and discharging ports, terminal and cargo handling, warehousing, transhipments and on-carriage to destination. The goal is to create cost-effective delivery chain controlled by Meriaura which saves time and money and guarantees timely delivery.

Our in-house engineering services are available for any project cargoes. Our core services include calculating and preparing stowage plans, as well as stability calculations and survey reports. Transport manuals are provided to all projects, as a rule the manual has been accepted by European insurance companies.

Meriaura is a transportation specialist for wind energy projects in North Europe and the Baltic Sea areas. Meriaura has successfully realized quite a number of transportations for wind turbine generators, blades, towers and other main components either directly or indirectly related to specific wind farm projects. The open deck and heavy cargo carriers M/V ‘Meri’ and M/V ‘Aura’, have participated in demanding offshore wind installation projects, supplying monopiles and transition pieces for various large offshore wind farm projects such as Sheringham Shoal and Walney OWF, Northwester 2 and Moray East.

Dynamic positioning, combined with a large deck area and excellent technical-operational performance, offers opportunities to utilize our deck cargo carriers throughout the life cycle of various projects, from the construction phase to maintenance and all the way to demolition.

Ship Management

We offer full service in Crew Management, Technical Management and Safety Systems.

Our services include

  • Overall ship management;  crewing, technical and safety management
  • Crewing and recruiting services
  • Creation and maintenance of safety management systems
  • Technical services
    • Vessels’ technical management
    • Dockings
    • Project management
    • Supervision of newbuildings
  • Purchase and delivery services
  • Financial services
  • Consultancy

VG-Shipping currently produces crewing services for several dry cargo vessels, marine research vessel ‘Aranda’, hydrographic survey vessels, splitbarges and cruise icebreaker Sampo.

VG-Shipping employs altogether 150-200 seafarers.

"We have over 20 years of experience in crewing, security systems and technical services."
Ville Koskinen, Managing Director, VG-Shipping

Cargo handling & warehousing

VG-Port, member of Meriaura Group, is a developing cargo handling and storage area in Naantali. We offer material handling and storage services, as well as berth and field space and technical support services, for example for the various needs of shipowners and vessels.

Our partner EcoPorts Finland provides various cargo handling services at Eurajoki private port. Services include loading and unloading the vessels and warehousing the goods. EcoPorts Finland is able to handle all manner of cargo from bulk products to project cargoes. Read more about EcoPorts Finland’s services

Port agency

We provide port agency services throughout Finland. We conduct clearances mostly at the ports of Turku, Naantali, Rauma, and Kemiö, but can provide services to our contract customers at any port in Finland. Our experienced agents take care of all communication, documentation as well as crew shifting, fuel and food maintenance of the vessels. Close cooperation with port authorities, port operators and other service providers ensure speedy port calls with minimum delays and costs.

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