Our fleet consists of modern and versatile dry cargo ships and newly-built multipurpose deck cargo carriers designed for project and special cargo. All our ships are designed to operate safely in the harsh and difficult weather conditions of the Northern maritime region.

Open deck carrier Meri

Open deck carrier Aura

Multipurpose vessel Antonia

Airisto 8300 t

Eeva VG 4850 t

Mirva VG 4850t

Flex Keston 4800 t

Johanne 4500 t

Paul 4470 t

Forest 4350 t

Martta VG 3950 t

Aava VG 3950 t

Lotta VG 3950t

Alstertal 3900 t

Travetal 3900 t

Adele 3050 t

Baltic Sailor 2950 t

Barbarossa 2950 t

Stortebeker 2950 t

Nina 2550 t

Ro-ro Polaris VG 6350t