M/S Antonia

Heavylift and multipurpose vessel

Our fleet consists of modern and versatile dry cargo ships and newly-built multipurpose deck cargo carriers and heavy lift vessels designed for project and special cargo. All our ships are designed to operate safely in the harsh and difficult weather conditions of the Northern maritime region.



Cargo hold

12.000 m3



Technical data

Owner / TC-Owner Helmer Lundström AB / Meriaura Ltd.
Type General cargo ship multipurpose tweendecker
Built 2012 Jiangsu Yangzo Changbo Shipbuilding Co. Ltd
Classification Rina
Finnish / Swedish iceclass 1A
Flag Finland
P&I Alandia
DWAT 9800
DWCC summer / winter 8495 / 8200
GT / NT 6351 / 3617
Lenght (LoA) 132,20 m
Breadth 15,87 m
Draught, summer 7,78 m
Airdraft in ballast
Service speed 11,5 knots
Cargo hold 2 holds, total capacity abt.12.000 cbm / 425.000 cubft
Hold dimensions hold 1: 39,96 x 13,2 x 10,78 m
hold 2: 52,54 x 13,2 x 10,78 m
Hatch covers pontoon hatches
Tweendecks Full tweendeck in both holds
Gear 2 x 80 mts cranes Portside mounted, can be combined up to 160mts

Pocket plan Antonia