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We are getting stronger both at sea and ashore.  Our new T/C-vessel AIRISTO joined the fleet recently. She is the first one in the bigger segment, 8000-tonners, which we wish to establish for long-term business. In addition to this, we are very pleased to announce that VG-Shipping Ltd has acquired two vessels, which will be named AAVA VG and LOTTA VG.  Both vessels are sisters to our MARTTA VG, which has been sailing with us already for three years. She has proven to be a reliable vessel with a good intake and eco friendly fuel consumption. We expect her two sisters to follow suit, and serve our customers in an efficient manner.

The changes are in line with Meriaura Group strategy.  We aim to increase the size of the fleet with acquisitions and long-term T/C –arrangements. With these vessels, the Meriaura fleet will expand to 81’000 dwt, and the number of ships will increase to 20. It is our goal to strengthen further our presence in the smaller tonnage, where we have a substantial market share in the Baltics.  We will continue serving the customers especially in the sectors of agribulk, circular economy and bioproducts.  Moreover, we are constantly looking for suitable tonnage to join the bigger bulk segments. The common denominator for all ships is the eco-friendliness:  good cube/dwt ratio, low fuel consumption, and efficient operational characteristics.

In addition to new ships, we have also gotten some fresh blood in the office.  Since our latest newsletter, new specialists have entered chartering, ship management, crewing and agency teams. It has been a pleasure to see so many competent and enthusiastic employees joining the company. As we all know, shipping is not only about steel, but very much about communication and cooperation both inside the company as well as with customers and stakeholders outside the company.

Our customers have rewarded our good work with CoA renewals and repeating fixtures. Also on the ship management side we enjoy long-term cooperation with existing customers.  We are very grateful for the contract renewals, and will do our best to keep our customers satisfied.  Quality is a never-ending journey – and like all travels, this journey, too, is most enjoyable in good company!

Elisa Mikkolainen