Meriaura Newsletter June 2015
Meriaura newsletter june 2015

Full ahead towards new challenges!

When nearly half a year has passed, we can look back on a period of strong growth.  Despite a very volatile market with sharp ups and downs, our vessels have been busy, and our turnover has increased by about 30% compared to same period previous year.  This encourages us to try even harder. We want to further develop our service, expertise and capacity in collaboration with our customers.

Although the market is still tough, it seems that the demand for sea transports of heavy projects is slowly recovering. Our open deck carrier, Mv Meri has so far this year been well employed. Most of the projects carried by Meri are preceded by meticulous planning in order to grant safety not only during the sea transport, but also during loading and unloading. One of our advantages is that we can offer door to door solutions even for demanding project cargoes. Recent examples on demanding assignments for Meri are e.g.  the 55 meter  high harbor-crane from Rostock to Hanko and Gas Plant Upgrade modules from Gdynia to Stord.

On behalf of the entire Meriaura team I´d like to wish you a lovely mid-summer and sunny holiday season.

Beppe Rosin
Vice Managing Director 

Martta VG Meriaura Newsletter

M/s 'Martta VG' joins the fleet

VG-Shipping has acquired a 4000DWT vessel (ex. Lehmann Bay). The 1998 built vessel is exactly same size and type as m/s Thule that was time chartered by Meriaura for over a decade. The acquired vessel will fly the Finnish flag and will be renamed as 'Martta VG', after one of the owners' daughter. Meriaura time charters the vessel on a long-term agreement starting today in Lübeck.

Polaris VG monopiles

'Polaris VG' at offshore windfarm construction sites

Meriaura’s largest multipurpose ro-ro vessel ‘Polaris VG’ has began transporting oversized monopiles to the offshore wind farm construction sites in the North Sea. The long-term contract started on 1st of June and will continue until late autumn.

VG-Shipping bio-oil plant

VG Marine EcoFuel™
- The Marine fuel of the future

VG-Shipping’s bio-oil production plant in Uusikaupunki is nearing its completion as scheduled. The plant is to be inaugurated and the production to start in August 2015. The new facility replaces company’s previous small-scale oil manufacturing. Plant design and process engineering, together with licensing and financing arrangements are all based on our own extensive know-how inside Meriaura Group. Fuel production plant in Uusikaupunki works in seamless cooperation with the closed circulation concept of Sybimar, for example by utilizing the biogas and energy produced therein in their own fuel production, and at the same time producing side streams for the concept’s energy production. The plant is located adjacent to the biogas plant, which grants considerable logistical advantages: waste products can be supplied along the pipeline to the biogas plant, where they are reproduced into biogas and nutrients for agricultural use.

VG Marine EcoFuelTM is a sulphur-free fuel that is perfectly suited to be used in the SECA-area and corresponds with the GHG-emissions restrictions of the future. VG Marine EcoFuel can be used directly as heavy marine fuel or in a blend with fossil diesel, or it can be processed to light marine fuel. It is also used as environmentally friendly heating oil. The raw materials of VG Marine EcoFuel are recycled vegetable oils and fish processing residues.

VG-Shipping is continuously developing the quality criteria for the fuel and its raw materials by means of laboratory research as well as operational testing in several research frameworks (TEKES/Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation among others). In addition, the company is involved in many research projects, which aim to develop fuel efficiency and sustainable sea transport in general (Smart Research - Turku Science Park, Sea Effects BC - VTT). VG Marine EcoFuel has proved itself as primary vessel fuel in Meriaura Group's own ships and as heating oil. Production in Uusikaupunki begins sequentially, first satisfying the needs of current customers, but gradually increasing the production as operational experience is accumulated and demand increases. For availability of the fuel or with raw material supply related matters, please contact Supply Chain Manager Petri Heikinheimo (mob. +358 50 410 0707 or

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