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VG Marine EcoFuel™
- The marine fuel of the future

VG-Shipping produces environmentally sustainable and climate-friendly alternative fuel suitable for maritime transport. VG Marine EcoFuel™ is produced of bio and recycled oils. So far, all marine fuel produced will be used on the vessels being part of Meriaura Group’s fleet, but in the future this particular VG Marine EcoFuel™  will also be available to other shipping companies.

Bio fuels are often considered of being ethically debatable, as rain forests are exterminated in order to cultivate commodities needed for the production, and these commodities are also competing with foodstuff in terms of land acreage. The commodities of VG Marine EcoFuel™ are completely derived from industrial side streams and recycled materials. We exploit side streams  of foodstuff industry in our production, along with already once utilized vegetable oils. VG Marine EcoFuel™ is produced in Uusikaupunki, Finland.

For further info and enquiries, please contact the CEO Jussi Mälkiä, or our Project Manager Emilia Mustonen. firstname.lastname(at)

Our production has a Sustainability System Certificate

Brochure VG Marine EcoFuel