Maritime logistics

Deck equipment for sale

We have various deck equipment from cable laying vessel 'Aura'  for sale. Renting is also possible.

A-frame system with winch and HPU Unit

Accommodation module brochure with GA (pdf) (3 MB)

Deck Crane Melcal 2t@25m (pdf) (1.4 MB)

Deck Crane NMF 20t (pdf) (928 KB)

Deck Power plant (pdf) (3.5 MB)

Reefer Container Carrier (pdf) (259.8 KB)

Rescue equipment (pdf) (970.8 KB)

Ship equipment (pdf) (1.1 MB)

For further information, please contact

Jussi Mälkiä, tel. +358 400 785 489   jussi.malkia(at)