Maritime logistics

General terms and conditions

NSAB 2000

All tasks shall be carried out in accordance with the General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders (NSAB 2000) which i.a. limit the forwarder´s liability and entitle the forwarder to cover all his claims due for payment through sale of the customer´s property under his control (the forwarder´s lien). NSAB 2000 shall be applied, excluding time guarantee referred to in § 6, par. 2 and in § 20 par. B and liability for signing insurance referred to in § 27, par. C.3. NSAB 2000 is also available at website of Suomen Huolintaliikkeiden Liitto,

The forwarder is not responsible for damages caused by fire, water and burglary. The risk in this respect is borne by the customer who shall himself see to the sufficiency of his insurance cover. The forwarder shall sign insurance only at written request of the customer.

Transportation times are estimations. A notified estimated time of arrival (ETA) and notified/published timetables are not considered to constitute time guarantees.

Road transport

To road transportations The Act on Contracts for Carriage by Road of 23rd March 1979, CMR-Convention and General Conditions for International Road Haulage shall be applied.


All items shall have sufficient and marked lifting and lashing points and handling instructions. If the load needs to be covered by loose tarpaulins, the tarpaulins shall be ordered upon transport booking. The sender shall arrange required work force for covering the load and protect any sharp parts and edges to prevent tarpaulin damages. If transshipments are forbidden, that shall be notified upon transport booking.


Meriaura Ltd has a freight forwarder´s liability insurance. The customer shall himself see to the sufficiency of his insurance cover.

All rates are based on cargo and shipping details provided, today's rates and tariffs, transport of harmless goods only and  are subject to final cargo details, freight additionals valid at time of shipment (CAF, BAF, War Risk, etc.), transport drawings,  decks option (if applicable), availability of equipment and vehicles and timely receipt of complete and correct shipping documentation.

Any storage / demurrage / waiting times, provision of special handling/lifting equipment, transport insurance, police escorts,  civil works, licensing requirements and orders as well as technical bridge statics are excluded. Our quotation is based on unhindered routing to destination and timely receipt of permits for the planned transportation route.  We expect free access to loading and discharging addresses and sufficient space for our vehicles and equipment.

NSAB 2000 - General Conditions of the Nordic Association of Freight Forwarders